Monday, 2 November 2015

10 day Church ministry Trip

3 of our elders took a special trip to visit brethren in Manitoba and USA, and what a blessed time it was. We are currently working to start a fellowship in Manitoba, as well as the fellowship in Minnesota. One thing became very clear as we spent time with the brethren --- God is moving again! Not only did we witness transformed lives and thinking, we also sensed a great longing in the people of God. A longing for a greater reality, more unity, and a clearer direction in which God is moving His people at this hour.

Twenty-seven, including 13 young people were baptized at Altona fellowship, and what a joy that was!! We just pray this Holy Spirit work will continue as God leads His children from Glory to Glory!

We also ordained a lead pastor at Altona and four elders as the Bible teaches, and we're very blessed to be part of this move of God. To HIM ALONE belongs the GLORY and HONOR and POWER both now and forever, Amen!

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